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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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meantime, is more than anyone, bargained for. three students, two schools, one message. >> think before you act, because when we're dealing with electronic media things don't fade so quickly. >> reporter: it is a lesson being learned the hard way, right now, tuesday, tredyffrin township police are announcing charges a against three juveniles for creation and distribution of the child porn and sexually explicit images of classmates. >> we're not going to tolerate that in the public places such as schools in tredyffrin township. >> reporter: investigation stems from april, the a accused students ranging from 11 to 15, now facing charges, as serious as a summary offense to a third degree felony. police say images taking from the web and of students at both valley forge middle and tredyffrin easttown middle were created, sent, stored, viewed by several students. one instance led to a case of bullying and assault.
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>> we want to use this as a cautionary tail for our parents. checkup on your children, trust and verify. >> i will admit i'm a snoop. >> reporter: le theann rush has a daughter in the the district but says it is important to take a pro ago i have stance. >> i'm a snoop, i encourage all parents to really look and see what their kids are doing. is there so much stuff floating out there and parent are oblivious to the fact all this stuff that is happening and what is going on. >> reporter: cbs-3 did receive a statement from the district saying in part quote, we take these matters very seriously. follow-up with the procedures that promote safety for all of students. the the incident may also carry a school based discipline. as such the district cannot comment on specific student discipline matters as we must do all we can to preserve privacy rights of all students. as mentioned police say the investigation is not closed and there may be more charge toes come. reporting tonight, from
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chester county i'm's steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, steve. lets take you outside we're on a real weather winning streak for first time, on your first week of november, temperatures are well above average. "eyewitness news" at eakin oval where it was a great day to be outside and lots of bright sunshine. kate bilo is on the the sky deck to talk more bit, kate. >> what a great day for election day for kid that may be have off school to take, playground have been packed all day long, everyone getting out enjoying this bonus warm up. it feels like summertime outside and it is november. in fact, it hasn't been this warm in november in quite sometime. beautiful evening here on the sky doubling. take a a look the at how warm it got the today. it is cooling off now that the sun has dropped but we hit the a high of 76 degrees. that makes today the warmest november day since november 16th of 2005. that is 15 years ago, that is how long it has been since we have been this warm. i'll tell you the record for today, 80 degrees.
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we did not beat the record but we were within 4 degrees above average. storm scan three is showing not much going on, we have clear skies, still some showers off to the south and those moving out, and tomorrow, well, if you liked today you will like tomorrow as well. temperatures hanging on in the 70's in philadelphia, normal high is 61 degrees. tomorrow we are he back to the 70's and then we're tracking chance for showers and then some changes by week end all coming up when i join you inside, back over to you. thanks very much. it is election day 2015 and if you don't think your vote count, think again. there are important races in our area and your vote does make a difference. in pack pennsylvania your choices could affect political and judicial decisions for years to come. >> todd quinones is in our satellite center to tell you more, todd. >> reporter: ukee, here in philadelphia we have got mayor's race and seats on city council are up for grabs and we have this unprecedented three vacancies on the pennsylvania state supreme
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court. so, for a non-presidential election we certainly have have some big races that will be decided to day. polls opened up early this morning with some forecasting low voter turnout, typically in a non-presidential election turnout is around 22 percent in philadelphia a, however, early indications that are more voters were heading to the polls then anticipated. philadelphia voter registration office contend that feedback from election officials in the field points to an above moderate turnout. >> reporter: many eyes are focused on philadelphia as voters will select a 99th mayor in the history. "eyewitness news" cameras was there as, jim kenney, cast his vote as first reformed church at third and race. afterward we caught up with him and he said people who don't vote dishonor memory of those who for the in the civil rights movement. >> people in iran, they don't take it for granted. people in south africa don't take it for granted. people living in the south don't take it for granted. when you take things for granted until you lose it, but
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then it is too late. i think people need to get out and vote. >> reporter: kenney's republican opponent melissa a murray bailey as she cast her vote at society hill danza contacted my. she remains confident although she faces long odd in the city where registered democrats out number republicans by roughly seven to one. >> we've gotten to see so many voters in the last stretch and it had very encouraging things to say. people want to see something different in philadelphia they know that is what i bring to the race. >> reporter: we have been joined all day by volunteers with the voter advocacy group, committee of 7o jamie abramson has been talking to voters and telling voters where they need to go to vote they are also asking what do they need to bring. >> yes, if you voted before you do not need any form of id but if it is your first time voting or first time in the new division, an acceptable form would be a photo id or non-photo. difficult would be a driver's license, current utility bill
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or a bank statement. other accept an forms of id you can visit for the complete list. >> reporter: if there is ever a problem you can film out a provisional ballot. >> that is right, provisional ballots is always an option if the voter is having an issue preventing them from using the machine. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: a reminder to our voters tonight the the polls close at 8:00. back to you. todd and jamie, thanks very much. we will get back to you. is there still time to vote and take a chance on $10,000. local will non-profit is behind the it pay toss vote initiative in philadelphia they are giving $10,000 to a randomly selected voter at a polling spot within the city. the plan is getting a a lot of support. >> i think it is absolutely worth a shot. we can get, we want informed voters and everybody out to have have have to study before the poles but i'm for anything that simply gets people to the polls. >> similar lottery in los angeles gave away $25,000, and
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turnout on that day increased by several thousand voters. again, you still have time but the clock is ticking. right now polls are opened all across the area and in pennsylvania they will remain opened until 8:00 o'clock tonight. you have a complete list of winners for you on tv and on line when those votes are counted. a a across the river in new jersey, poles are opened and will remain opened until 8:00 p.m. all seats to the state assembly are up for grabs as are many local offices. there are no elections in the state of delaware today. on the cbs-3 healthwatch according to a sweeping new report released to day a significantly higher number of americans are using prescription drugs, now then they were a decade ago. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on thi new research. >> this involves millions of people, and experts say medications are helping people, live longer, belter lives, and the increased drug use is partially reflective of advances in medical care. but it also indicates that
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there are unhealthy people who need those prescriptions. 59 percent of american adults are now taking prescription drugs according to a new stud a peering in jama. >> we observed an overall increase of prescription drug use. >> reporter: researchers looked at a decade of data from 40,000 u.s. adults 20 years and older. number taking five or more prescription drugs almost doubled, increasing from eight to 15 percent. most of the drugs are for conditions, associated with cardiovascular disease, including, obesity. >> when we look at drugs taken to control high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, we see increaseness all drug classes. we see increaseness less commonly used drug classes such as muscle relaxers. >> reporter: researchers say increase in use of the several medications may reflect growing need to treat antidepressant increase todd 13 percent. opiate based painkillers and similar medications aren't in the top ten drugs in the
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study, experts say epidemics of misuse and abuse are a growing problem. what is the most popular? well, the drug used to treat high cholesterol is most commonly used prescription right now according to this new report taken by nearly 8 percent of all u.s. adults. lots of medications, out there but a lot of this is related to obesity. >> that is really the common factor. >> yes. >> heart disease, heart disease and diabetes, we are got to lose some weight. >> stephanie, thanks. u.s. regulators found takata corporation $07 million for defective air bags. air bags which explode with too much force have sent shrapnel and drivers and passengers. eight people have been killed and more than 100 injured. 23.4 million drivers and a passenger inflaters have been recalled on 19.2 million vehicles sold by 12 auto makers. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 vultures taking over suburban area.
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>> reporter: that is property throughout a neighborhood in felt on, delaware i'm cleve bryan coming up, how neighbors fight back against an invasion of vultures. and a new book claims that there is a true battle between good and evil, at the vatican. new details about leaked church documents when we come right back. confusion when protesters take over last night's mop night football game, why they repelled over fans in the the city of the upper deck, new details when we come right back. blank
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fate of chaka fattah junior is in the hand of the jury. the son of the congressman chaka fat tackies, facing charges. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff was inside the courtroom for closing arguments and joins us with today's developments, alex. >> reporter: good evening, this is a fiery finally for sure, the judge let the jurors go earlier today given it the is election day. they have a lot to think about for when they return, tomorrow, and federal prosecutors did not hold back, calling the three two-year old a scam artist and warning jurors not to fall victim.
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following a final statement, fattah junior remained adamant his consulting and concierge businesses were legitimate. >> i finally had an opportunity to show, you know, my businesses has brought in more than a million-dollar over a period of time, and if this doesn't make sense what the government has been saying about me not being a businessman. >> reporter: fattah junior is accused of taking out bank loans, and then settling the with the irs to pay less than what he owed. all to satisfy expensive taste is a cord to go prosecutors. this they played secret recordings between fat saw junior and former friend and collogue. >> my college roommate talking about things and he is asking me questions because he has been provided by fbi. he is bringing up issues that simply to solicit the me to say something. >> reporter: this proves that this is not real. >> it proves several businesses were real. >> reporter: defendant made the decision to represent himself, saying that the investigations buried his businesses, and therefore, he could not afford a lawyer. >> on one handy didn't have a a choice but on the other hand since they don't think i have a work ethic i would figure i
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would prove it to them. >> reporter: federal prosecutors told jurors that these crimes came to light when fattah junior was an administrator at delaware valley high school where he is also accused of funding finances for profit. well, fattah's final witness was his own accountant, that joins a rather impressive group of witnesses he brought in including last week, former mayor john street and former governor ed rendell. his father has been indicted, on unrelated charges. reporting live from federal court this evening, alexandria hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, new clue emerged in the investigation into what brought down a russian air liner egypt, killing all 224 people on board. military satellite detected a flash of heat around a metro jet plane before it crashed. that could indicate an engine explosion or, could be a a sign that a bomb went off. right now investigators hope they can figure out the exact
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cause by analyzing the the plane's data and flight recorders. seven african-american passengers kick off a spirit flight in los angeles are making claims of discrimination. their confrontation with flight crews is caught on camera. airline officials say the the group was being disruptive after an issue over seating on the plane. two were kick off at first and then five more passengers were asked to get off when they questioned the flight crews motives. >> i'm really humiliated just because of the simple fact that you hear about this happening in america, discrimination issues and stuff like that but to actually experience it first hand. >> reporter: the group of people were removed because they were unrulely and causing trouble with other passengers. none face criminal charges a and their flights were rebook. safe to say security in most nfl games is extremely tight. >> but now or questioning, gaping security holes at last night's game in north carolina >> explain to you exactly what is going on yet but we don't know yet. there are a couple fans repelling there.
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>> reporter: that is last night's game, for carolina panthers, two demonstrators repelled down from an upper balcony at bank of america stadium and unfurled a banner calling on bank of america to cut ties with the dominion energy company. a section below was cleared out but game was never stopped. the team and police are now investigating. >> that was rather frightening. lets check our forecast, kate joins us what a gorgeous day to day. >> unbelievable. >> beautiful day. the cant get much better then today. it was just in the afternoon you didn't need a coat outside. it is november. it is just gorgeous out there. >> what does that mean for the winter. >> we will get to that. let's talk about the good stuff to that. we have a beautiful day on the way, tomorrow, carbon copy for today. i misspoke earlier and said last time was 15 years ago and i moved it up to 202. ten years ago we were this warm in november back in 2005 but i'll tell what you today felt like a treat. tomorrow it is another one.
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lets look outside. i will show you our live neighborhood network cameras showing another gorgeous sunset. mother nature making up these early sunset with some beautiful sunsets. this is a great shot live from our camera on our live neighborhood network from the palmyra cove nature park, delaware river looking great and sky is a deep shade of orange over center city philadelphia storm scan three, in problems, nothing going on across our area with high pressure in control. we will stay dry and clear through the next several days. as we zoom to the south you can still see showers over portions of the the north and south carolina that same system that we talk about yesterday. it has fizzled but there are still a a few spots dealing with rain tonight. that will not be an issue for us. high pressure anchored overhead keeping us dry through tomorrow. temperatures right now still hanging on to 70 degrees in philadelphia a that is warmer then it has any right being in early november in philadelphia. sixty-one. that is temperature in millville. seventy-one in trenton. fifty-nine in allentown.
5:19 pm
now that the sun has gone down with the clear skies we will see temperatures falling off quickly but highs today across the region fantastic. almost 15 degrees above average. we missed the record by 4 degrees. record is 80. we got to 76. wilmington 75. atlantic city and reading at 74. trenton at 73 degrees. stays warm for november. high pressure slips further east that will keep sun around. highs once again in the 70's for your wednesday and we're talking mid 70's, heading in to thursday a few more cloud, and it will turn breezy by end of the week and maybe a few scattered sprinkles here and there as warm moist air continues to move in the region. friday we will await arrival of the next cold front so we will get strong gusty breeze from the south and west and maybe chance for shower in the evening a as that front comes through but looking at models it looks like this front loses its moisture as it gets here so i couldn't expect too much behind a stray sprinkle and then clearing it the out for weekend but things change. clear sky tonight, we have a
5:20 pm
storm in the a atmosphere that could bring the chance foreseeing some northern lights in the night sky. look low and north on the horizon. we will have more on that coming up at 6:00 o'clock. lets look at outside overnight clearing skies, it is cool at 52 degrees you're witness weather three day forecast looks pretty warm. seventy-four. just a beautiful day for tomorrow with sunshine heading in the end of the week we are talking a few more clouds but temperatures well a have above average in the 70's thursday and friday, but what does that mean for weekend. a cold front comes through friday evening, and that means weekend will change just a little bit, i will tell but that in the next hour. >> i don't like how you said that, a little bit. still a ahead on "eyewitness news", yesterday we told but toddlers and technology but how many hours a day are your teens using electronics, inside look at new research and how parents face a high tech balancing act. this pennsylvania dog puts the great in great dane, and now he is trying to earn a
5:21 pm
spot in the record books, don. your athletes so buddy, buddy these days. where is the competition, coming up, we will sit down for lunch with sixers hall have of famer julius irving, and don't move, the the doctor is next.
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don is here now. can't help it but the the doctor is in. >> doctorate. >> julius irving. >> yes, back in the day. >> one of the greatest nicknames of all time, the. there you know the expression, doctor knows best it still holds tree in basketball circles. even after all these years the six five-year old doctor j is still an influential figure in the game. recently our leslie van arsdal sat down with the hall of famer for lunch with leslie. >> former sixer julius irving known as doctor j was one of the most dominant players of his team performing feat never performed, before midair spins and slam dunks. he created a style of play
5:25 pm
that would prevail for decade. >> talk to me about what you feel is the state of of sports in philadelphia. >> it just goes to show how difficult it is, when you hear about boston, and l.a., and number of basketball championships they have and the drop off is san antonio with five, chicago with six, it is in the like, the nba, and basketball has been about spreading the wealth. sixers are rebuilding. they have a plan. i got involve three and a half years ago and it was mostly on the periphery, you know, helping with the season ticket holders and the fan base and the sponsors. >> you were involved in one of the best, one of my favorite sports rivalries of all time with you and larry bird. why aren't there rivalries like that anymore. >> it is different. >> i ain't got time to be mad at anybody. >> the whole blood and guts piece to playing for the love of the game and it really
5:26 pm
hurting, when you don't get to your goal, and most of the 11 years i was captain of the team. so captain verse captain, you know, there was always a clash. >> i could listen to him talk about hoops all day. >> i remember that. >> we were talking about hoop idols, doctor j growing up and yours growing up. >> david robinson. >> the admiral. >> how about that. >> i had to go back to my eight year-old son to talk to him about that. >> charles barkley by the way is my guy. >> all great players. >> that was great stuff. >> thanks, don. coming up next, vultures taking over in one area neighborhood damaging property and vehicles. so how do you get the buzzards to buzz off we will tell but operation vulture vanish. caught on camera a wild chase through streets of miami and the suspect in all of this is just 15 years old. new at 6:00 a family
5:27 pm
counting their blessings after a scare on the soccer field, teenage boy collapses during a game, tonight he is out of the hospital and telling his story, only to "eyewitness news", we will be right back.
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new at the 5:30 unwanted guestness a delaware neighborhood, lots and lots of turkey vultures. they are loud, they smell, and even causing property damage. residents have had it. now, a plan of axis about to go into effect. operation vulture vanish, will take flight tonight and "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells us more bit. >> reporter: this isn't a life-like halloween decoration turning bald red head side to side but the real thing, vultures perching homes in felt on delaware's chimney hill neighborhood. >> oh, are they early and they have a funny little walk. they are nasty. >> reporter: barbara bond says from the moment she wakes it is vulture city around their home.
5:31 pm
>> early in the morning they are walking around like you think it is little kid up there playing, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: not only is it a nuisance but they are causing serious property damage. they claw at shingles and powerful digest i have acid that allow them to eat rotten animals disintegrate asphalt. over last few years the problem had has gotten worse. neighbors don't know where they come from but they loose in the nearby woods and invade chimney hill during the day. >> forty or 50 bird, gone through two or three roofs. >> reporter: only thing nastier then seeing vultures on the roof and damage they do to shingles is what you find at the bottom of the rain spout after a storm. that hair right there, yep, that is regurgitated vulture food. >> big hair balls that come off your roof and fall down on your deck. >> reporter: they are federally protect so you cannot kill or harm them, all you can do is scare them. bond uses this device with a high pitched ping but it doesn't really work. >> they will come back and take this away. >> reporter: the community association is coordinating
5:32 pm
with the felt on fire company to try to scare bird off after they roost for the evening. they circulated flyers telling people to bring pots, pans and other noise makers. >> it just seems like this is their home now and they will come here and they are here to stay. >> reporter: in felt on, delaware, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i'm trying to think of the to tv show zoo, and animals are every where. >> yes. >> good luck with all of that. >> i know that is right. our coverage of election day 2015 continues now new jersey voters are doing their civic duty today. "eyewitness news" in washington township gloucester county. the state assembly races talk about there, all 80 seats are up for grabs today. bill cosby scandal has thrust race for montgomery county district attorney in the international the spotlight. >> in fact, bbc has named it one of the top five races to watch in the united states today. democratic candidate kevin steel is poles early this morning. the our camera captured steel and his family as they entered the polling place in
5:33 pm
wynnewood. steel is a career prosecutor who has work in the montgomery county d.a.'s office for the last two decade. >> steel's republican opponent is current montgomery county commissioner bruce castor. castor previously served as district attorney from there. from 2002 through 2008. the his decision not to prosecute on cosby on sexual assault charges in 2005 has become a focal point of both campaigns. steel is accusing castor to fail to protect the victims. castor has claimed there was not sufficient evidence at the time against cosby to move forward. well, there are no elections in the state of delaware today. cbs philly is teaming up with the committee of 07 to help with your election questions. >> here's a live look at our cbs-3 satellite center where experts are answering your questions, your concerns, anything that you might need to know. you can post your questions, using hashtag cbs and 07 and todd quinones will be there in the sat center at 6:00 for more perspective on this years races. more legal troubles for
5:34 pm
former olympic runner oscar pistorius, prosecutors in south of africa seek to have his manslaughter conviction overturn for a murder charge. pistorius is on house arrest have after serving 11 months of his five-year sentence for 2013 shooting death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. her mother says pistorius has not been punished enough. >> even though i don't want to hurt him in anyway, he has got to face the truth and if the the truth can come out in this way, then it is a good thing. >> the court will consider whether to convict pistorius of murder, up hold the lone court's manslaughter decision or order a retrial. no timetable has been set on when the decision will be made. new developments tonight in the scandal over alleged financial miss management inside the vatican and internal resistance to papal reforms. correspondent barry peterson shows you the allegations contained in the pair of new books. >> reporter: books titled merchants in the temple, where
5:35 pm
nutsie says pope's men are lined up on one side while the other are his enemies, the defenders on the status quo, adverse to any and all change. that change was started shortly after pope francis what's electric. he set up a special commission to examine the vatican's finances. the book's claim commission found numerous short comings and area where there was virtually no accounting for how money was spent. he talks about even the the most sacred rituals are allegedly tainted by money like the procedures for beatification, and canonization, a marketplace in which millions of dollars change hands. the vatican's response to the book says they have been twofold, first a statement attacking them a as the fruit of the grave betrayal of the pope's trust. and an arrest ted two people who were on the commission one a priest and the other a woman who was a public relations expert. they are accused of leaking the information on the commission, included actual
5:36 pm
recordings of the pope, at private meetings. the second book called averest details a lavish lifestyle like a $26,000 helicopter ride for vatican's then secretary of state, later fired by the pope. whose efforts to reform, may be helped by these revelations. >> there must be a clean up of vatican finances, so in a way pope francis comes outlooking really good. >> reporter: barry peterson for cbs news, london. a driver led miami police on a high speeds chase for an hour and when they moved into arrest him they discovered that driver was only 15 years old. the teen hit speeds in excess of the hundred miles per hour at times in the stolen chevy tahoe, and he was seen cutting people off, he went wrong way down streets and highways and eventually the back tire of the vehicle blew out. police were able to box him in and take him into custody. the skies, started to get crowded, coming up another company wants to use drones to deliver packages.
5:37 pm
and then teens, tweens and technology, many parents are struggling to limit their children's screen time, so, how much is too much? we will have surprising results, of a new study. he is 38 inches tall, 228-pound and 30-pound of food every week. how this classal k-9 from pennsylvania is setting world record, kate. the 70's arrived today and if you liked today you will a's like tomorrow and rest of the week as well but sun may not be around for the the entire week. we will have more on what we can expect a few showers coming up when we come back.
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k-mart is going retro, the the national retailer is bringing back legendary blue light special, the store
5:41 pm
stopped the practice in the 90's but k-mart is hoping the blue lights and sirens will help a attract holiday shoppers. they are also banking that the nast tall georgia factor will boost sales. >> old school, love that. skies above us will get a bit more crowded. google says it is getting in drone delivery game. tech world giant plans to start delivering packages by drone in 2017. they fly below 500 feet keeping them away from most commercial aircraft. google executives have nicknamed the drone delivery program, project wings. amazon is finding its best to invest in its workers. the on line retailer is following footsteps of the other tech companies and beefing up benefits for employees. for the the first time amazon will offer paternity leave a full six weeks for new fathers, and 20 weeks for mothers, including four weeks prior to giving birth. now time to check your philadelphia jobs market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here with more.
5:42 pm
>> while i know gains have been hovering at 2.2 percent overall during the least coverry, that is not the case for every american. there are a number of workers enjoying significant pay increases according to a new stud friday employment site glass the glass door crunched numbers and identified 20 jobs that has seen salary growth up three to 10 percent over past year and in addition to jobs that start from the low base like baris tas or security officers one position that is seeing a big jump in pay is sales consultants. corporations hire these skilled professionals to sell products, services or train others. many sales consultants focus on business to business where the end user is buying a more expensive item or service. that is why their compensation is twice as big as those in retail sales. total pay for sales consultants, rose to over $49,000, this year. a 7 percent jump from 2014. requirements for sales consultants vary depending on the field, but most are college educated.
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family is trying to get
5:46 pm
their great dane in the guinness book of world record. bentley is about 38 inches tall, that is more than 3 feet by the way. his owner wants him named tallest dog in the world. he tips the scales at 228 pounds, and he eats about 110-pound of food every month. his owner says even veterinarians are a amazed a at his size. >> i think by the vets they are actually shocked the the size that he was because they said they never saw one his size either. once they said don't let him get over 240 i realized he is a large one. >> i'll say, a big boy. >> officials are evaluating the claim. in the meantime five-year old bentley has a trick, he can get his own ice from the refrigerator. >> that is pretty cool. >> pretty good, right. >> that is a a beautiful animal. how about that. >> that is cool. >> little ice, little love, bentley gets whatever he wants. that is a big fella, i was out i saw some folks walking their
5:47 pm
dog. folks were you the on toy day. >> if you saw that dog from far away would you think it was a black bear. >> ohs, sure. >> exactly. >> great day to be out with the animals, with the kid a lot of people were off school because of election day and playground was just packed outside today a a lot of the running and biking trails in our area as well. great day for it if you liked today you'll like tomorrow as well. we have more where that came from, as a great day to day. lets look at how things are shaping up outside. we will take you outside to our roof cam on sky cam three and you you can see it is dark outside right now. the sun has set across the area and certainly those early subsets happening now that we set that clock back, on sunday, daylight savings time is over. temperatures dropping a little quicker then they have been. lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers and temperatures are still hanging on to the 60's here. 67 degrees. head across the river in new jersey check with kenneth
5:48 pm
martin in willingboro he had has a clear sky right now. 63 degrees further to the north in barbara lane's house in willow grove. looking good there. photos from our eye bitterness weather watchers showing what beautiful day it was. take a a look at this sunset photo, five minutes from charles winestein. sunset not enclose to last night. the last night was better but still a beautiful sunset outside tonight thanks to charles for that photo. phil sent thus one showing us the planets, the moon, this is this morning, gorgeous shot there. nothing but clear skies, all across the area. and some great fall color happening as well as we are in the peak of fall color across our area. so look at what is going on, storm scan three, you can see our area is generally clear, no problems out there as we go through rest of tonight and even tomorrow, we have got clear skies for the next couple of days. the problem comes, thursday and into friday, a as we go through, the next several days, the cloud will increase and a couple showers will start to drift in especially thursday, we will show you that in a moment. temperature 70 degrees in
5:49 pm
philadelphia. seventy-one still in trenton. we should be in the lower 60's. the that is feeling fantastic. fifty-nine in allentown. again those temperatures starting to drop as skies, darken, with that early sunset time that gives us time for temperatures to drop. sixty-six in state college. seventy-two in pittsburgh. you can see mild air has taken over the entire northeastern, you had. high pressure in control through the day tomorrow. no showers getting in here, cloud staying away as well. as we head into thursday we will see more cloud cover drift from the south. it is not a huge deal and our friend that will bring changes a and cooler weather is still well off to the west. thursday at 1:00 mostly cloudy and a couple little showers may pop up here and there thursday afternoon and evening. so thursday not as brilliantly sunny and beautiful as today and tomorrow but still nice and warm. that is system to watch into friday that will bring some changes, and it will cool down by end of the week and weekend, friday night into a saturday. future temperature win direction this is tomorrow at
5:50 pm
2:00, it is an east south east wind, warm inland but with the wind off ocean it will stay cooler down the shore. temperatures should hold in the 60's there. heading in to thursday again the south/southeasterly wind, temperatures back in the 70's bringing in a few more cloud but it is still nice and warm. talking 70's in november we can deal with a few cloud outside. lets go back to reality. our winter count down here one day until average high is 50. that doesn't noon we will be near that number but that is a average high for tomorrow. twenty-seven days until the average high is only 50 and 37 days until from now is our average snowfall date in philadelphia, early december, 49 days until winter officially begins. don't get too excited about 70's, we have a long winter to get through but let's energy now if we can. overnight clearing skies, cool, 52 degrees. our overnight low here in philadelphia you're witness weather seven day forecast looks fantastic if you like it warm. seventy-four for tomorrow. seventy-two on thursday. the just a a chance of the
5:51 pm
shower, friday breezy and warm. then cools down behind that front. sixty-six on saturday with sunshine returning. sunday is sunny and cool and then another warm up next week where we are back to above average by next tuesday. ukee, back to you. well, yesterday on "eyewitness news" we told you about the trend that find babies using smart phones about they can even walk or talk. >> new survey shows why just how much time teenagers and tweens are spending on electronic devices ej an crawford looks at the research which has a surprising choice about kid and their on line connections. >> my biggest concern with my sonnies screen time with the video games. >> reporter: like many american families, this family of bethesda maryland are finding it impossible to pull the plug on technology. >> constantly connected to cell phones. >> reporter: twelve year-old daughter sascha keeps busy texting her friend. fifteen year-old son ethan is a big time gamer. >> there is a a enormous
5:52 pm
experiment we're carrying out at society largely on our children. >> reporter: jimmies founder and ceo of common sense media, new survey find tweens spent almost six hours a day on entertainment media, which includes things like listening to music or watching on line videos. for teenagers, that number jumped to almost nine hours. >> nine hours a day is that a good thing. >> media and technology are not good or bad, it is all about how you use them. >> reporter: 66 percent of teens say they use technology to listen to music every day. 58 percent said they watched tv. but less than half say they have used social media on a daily basis. >> you would think that it would be much higher percentage but truth is they have to be there because their friend are. >> reporter: with kid on technology for both homework and fun, moderating their usage can be tricky. >> and they are using their computers and phones and stuff for e-mailing teachers and doing research. you cannot tell your kid you
5:53 pm
can only have two hours of screen time. >> jan crawford cbs news bethesda mar land. >> listen we have all fallen victim to that. >> unbelievable. >> it does, it does. >> that is world we live in. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a record setting week for adele. and star trek is baldly going where no tv show has gone before, details when we come back.
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5:56 pm
sing's adele is enjoying a record setting week.
5:57 pm
>> yes, she is, her new single hello has set, eight record, so far, among them the first on the sold more than 1 million u.s. down loads a week. the full album comes out november 20th. >> can't wait for that. cbs is ready to beam up new episodes of star trek, just in time for the show a's 50th anniversary. new tv series will launch in january 2017 and then move to cbs's all access ding a tall subscription service. this is first original series developed for all access. and say hello to the new member of the hollywood's walk of fame, snoopy, received his star yesterday right next to the star of creator, charles schultz. the ceremony coincide with the peanuts movie, this week and you got inside scoop there. >> yes, guess what, i talked to snoopy, animated snoopy, charlie brown, lucy, everybody. and even invited me to dance, down the peanuts soul train line. >> yes. >> tomorrow, all this
5:58 pm
tomorrow. >> i will be there. >> get ready. the don't laugh. >> no, i'm excited. >> have the kid around the the tv. >> it will be good. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 a scare on the field. >> a typical soccer game turns in toy life and death event for one high schooler, hear why some of the medical community says what is happening here is being more and more about it. >> long standing policy is lifted, and change is allowing us to see troubling history of the chinatown restaurant, our stephanie stahl will be live with the look at the finding. plus election day, voters head to the poles, in pennsylvania and new jersey, a and our todd quinones has the the latest on the big races in the area. kate. >> what a a beautiful election day it was in philadelphia, we have got in the mid 70's today so is it a one day special or can we expect this nice november warm up to continue? i'll have more on how long it will has right now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00.
5:59 pm
i just remember sitting there saying this is not happening to us. it cannot be, it is trever. >> every mother's greatest fear her son laying motionless, collapsing during a soccer game in montgomery county. tonight he is out of the hospital and family is talking only to "eyewitness news" about the frightening experience. the 14 year-old boy dropped to the ground after being hit in the chest with a soccer ball. hello everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. tonight family is counting their blessings, "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon has more. >> i don't remember anything. i just remember the hospital. >> reporter: it was monday, october 19th at about 4:23 that evening. two high school soccer teams duking it out when all of a sudden. >> behind the play, trever collapsed. >> fourteen year-old trever newhouse went into cardiac
6:00 pm
and, family and friend, was in the, and ran out to help. >> awful. >> trever has been air lifted to chop where he was staying for two weeks. he wases put in the medically induced coma and his mom patty learned he had a preexisting heart condition, it is devastating. i honestly, said i did not think my son was coming home with me. >> reporter: trever had been playing sports for ten years, annual checkups, never caught his condition. preventive sports cardiologist doctor david shipon says more and more cases like trevers are being reported. >> in general, this sport that has more a roane i can, components to it, ie, sports like basketball, and there is a high incidence of sudden cardiac arrest. >> reporter: patty new house says she believes if aed's were not available at that game and emt a's weren't nearbyve


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